Petco Park - San Diego, CA

Petco Park is an open-air stadium that celebrates the beauty of San Diego with concourses open to the field and the city. Fans are granted a view of the San Diego Bay, city skyline, and Balboa Park.
The park’s facade is comprised of Indian sandstone and stucco with white-painted exposed steel and dark blue seats. Architects from HOK Sport intended the design to be reminiscent of San Diego’s natural cliffs, beaches, ocean, and white sailboats in the bay.
Petco Park has been home to the Padres since opening in 2004, but it has also been used as an overflow venue for the nearby convention center; hosting Comic-Con International parties, panels, and the annual Zombie walk. 
With attendance as high as 45,000 per game, for over an 80-game home season, the pedestrian areas at Petco Park are under constant abuse from service carts, foot traffic, weather, and intensive cleanings. In 2012, the owners of Petco Park launched a season-long study to select a new pedestrian traffic coating that met their high aesthetic and performance standards for the park.
Five manufacturers were selected to install samples and system performance, durability, and aesthetics were taken into account at the close of the season. NEOGARD®’s Decorative Peda-Gard® FC Flake system was selected as the new pedestrian surface for Petco Park.
For system preparation, the removal of existing coatings was made more difficult because of the recent application of manufacturers’ test patches a year prior.
KTM Coatings (KTM) mechanically scraped existing coatings from the concrete substrate and ground the surface with two different grades of diamond blades. Shot blasting was used as a final preparation to achieve a CSP three or four concrete finish. KTM used a mix of NEOGARD®’s 100% solids epoxy and filler to fix static cracks while moving cracks were caulked and reinforced with polyester and a base coat.
155,000 sf. of NEOGARD®’s Decorative Peda-Gard® FC Flake system was used on the project. Custom-blended flakes were applied to a pigmented aliphatic urethane topcoat to refusal, where flakes are broadcast until the entire floor is covered. The full refusal application created the slip resistant texture, and a topcoat sealed the system.


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    San Diego, CA


    Owner: Manuel Taijeron

    Total Square Footage
    155,000 sf