Detail Drawings

The following details are utilized in the specification and design of NEOGARD deck coating, waterproofing, wall coating, flooring and roof coating systems in both new and retrofit applications. They are provided to show a generally recommended procedure for dealing with the condition shown. They will not and can not provide a specific solution for every condition likely to be encountered in field application. Where field conditions differ, the use of applicable portions of the details shown or their adaptation by an experienced and conscientious applicator should result in a quality project.

Deck Coating & Waterproofing

Crack Detail

Double T Crack Control

Drain Detail

Typical Deck Flashing

Vertical Projection

Thru Slab Crack

Reflecting Pool

Thin-Set Tile

Horizontal Termination

Wall Coating

Crack Repair (< 1/16")

Crack Repair (> 1/16")

Concrete Columns

Concrete Columns #2

Parapet Waterproofing



Vertical Termination wo/Cove Strip

Standard Trowel Cove Base

Cant Cove Termination

Broadcast Floor Cove Base

Standard Cove Base

Smooth Trowel Cove Base

Thin Film Flooring Control Joint

Expansion/Isolation Joint

Random Crack wo/Movement

Prefabricated Trench Drain

Existing Saw Cut Joint Treatment

Major Concrete Repair

Area Drain

Thin Film Floor Area Drain



SPF Roof Drain

SPF Foam Stop

SPF Gravel Stop

SPF Parapet Wall

SPF Roof Vent

SPF Vertical Projection