NEOGARD High Performance Coating Systems


Construction Coating Solutions

NEOGARD® has launched both Polyaspartic and High Solids Chemical Resistant Urethane (CRU) coatings to enhance and fortify the performance and aesthetic characteristics of NEOGARD flooring and pedestrian traffic coating systems.

While both high-gloss coatings meet the South Coast AQMD’s VOC requirements for industrial maintenance coatings and neither supports the growth of bacteria and fungi, it’s their individual performance properties that define their ultimate use.

Those properties make the High Solids CRU the ideal high-performance option for NEOGARD’s flooring systems and Polyaspartic the superior choice for decorative flooring systems when facility downtime and return to service are the primary concern.

Technical details are available on the High Solids CRU (70815/70816) and Polyaspartic (70866/70816) product data sheets in technical literature under product data.

We have updated our Floor Coating Color card on the website to reflect our standard offerings in both our decorative and industrial floor coating lines.
Now you can quickly access our flooring system offerings for each product line and click on a sample to see a larger view of your selection.
Brochures are also available for individual flooring lines under the brochure section of the marketing menu. 
It is important to note that colors and finishes shown online or in printed material are not an exact representation of the system. Always order a physical sample for an exact match using one of our sample request forms.