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NEOGARD is pleased to announce the introduction of our smartphone-friendly Waterproofing and Roofing Summary Application Tables.

These quick-reference guides put application rates for NEOGARD Roofing and Waterproofing Systems in the palm of your hand.
Visit Support Literature & Manuals in the Roofing or Traffic Coatings and Waterproofing sections of our website today and bookmark or save the application tables to iBooks for offline access.


NEOGARD has launched an updated System Guide and a new Aliphatic Roof Coating brochure.

Visit the Brochures page under the marketing tab to download PDF versions of the System Guide and the Aliphatic Roof Coating Brochure.

Brochures are also available for order from our Literature Store.




NEOGARD’s technical department has been hard at work developing new Roof Coating System Summaries and we now have system summaries available in the Elasta-Gard product series for concrete (C), metal (M) and single ply (SP).

New System Summaries:


Visit the Roofing Literature section on our site to select System Summaries and discover more about our roof coating products.

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New Preventive Maintenance Manuals for traffic coatings, flooring and roofing are now available in Support Literature on the NEOGARD website.

These documents provide our recommended general maintenance practices along with preventive maintenance and emergency repair procedures.

The maintenance manuals are available in two formats. View them online as an eBook, or download, view and print the PDF version today.