Silicone - High Solids

Rapid Return to Service & Highly Durable Roof Coating System

HS Silicone roof systems can help you achieve a 50% reduction in roof lifecycle costs compared to a total tear-off with a faster return to service.

Why re-roof and incur the costly expenses of a tear-off when you can renew your roof using a High Solids Silicone coating system and avoid the time-consuming downtime of a complete roof replacement.

Silicone roof coating systems can be applied over virtually any existing roof to provide a seamless monolithic waterproofing membrane that protects your roof from leaks, environmental exposure, UV degradation, and ponding water.

Notable for:

  • Ponding water
  • UV resistance
  • Non-chalking
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reflective cool roof coatings