The Best Solution for the Greatest Adhesion:

7797/7798 General Purpose Urethane Primer

NEOGARD has introduced a high performance urethane primer. 7797/7798 General Purpose Urethane Primer is high solids, ultra-low VOC, exceeds relative environmental regulations, and qualifies for LEED points. 7797/7798 is versatile enough to be used as both a general purpose primer and a rebond primer for adhesion to existing coatings. Available in 3 gallon kits, 7797/7798 can be ordered through your local NEOGARD representative today.

NEOGARD's Next Generation Roof Coating Systems



Designed to protect, preserve and extend the life of your existing roof system, the new Permathane III and Elasta-Gard III systems are: 

  • Sustainable, seamless and lightweight
  • Environmentally friendly†
  • Robust††
  • Available in High-Build systems.

Guide Specifications for Permathane III:

Permathane III - is designed for use over Spray Polyurethane Foam surfaces.

Guide Specifications for Elasta-Gard III series:

Elasta-Gard BUR/MB III - is designed for use over smooth surfaced BUR/MB or granulated cap sheet.

Elasta-Gard C III - is designed for use over concrete surfaces. 

Elasta-Gard M III - is designed for use over metal roof surfaces.

Elasta-Gard SP III - is designed for use over single-ply surfaces.

Product Data Sheets:

70620 - 1K Aromatic Urethane Base Coat

70630 - 1K Aromatic Urethane Topcoat


† - compliant with 2014 EPA regulations for fire retardants
†† - provides UV stability throughout the system, not just the topcoat


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