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NEOGARD is pleased to announce the addition of the ES Jiffy Mixer to our inventory as item number 80750.
The ES Jiffy Mixer is the only heavy-duty all-purpose industrial and commercial mixer we recommend. If is designed to quickly and thoroughly mix dense and viscous substances in an open container while eliminating waste and aeration of materials.
• Rugged
• Efficient
• No Splashing
• No Whipping Air
• Thorough & Fast Mixing
• Easy to Clean
The ES is designed for a maximum speed of 1000 RPMs with the optimal rate for thorough mixing between 450-750 RPMs. Mixing times in our application guides are based on using the ES Jiffy Mixer, so if you aren’t using a Jiffy Mixer, you aren’t mixing completely.
The ES is designed for medium sized jobs in a 2-5 gallon or 8-20 quart container and easily fits any 3/8” electric chucked power tool. It is equally effective with liquids, dry materials, liquid and dry materials combined, and multiple component materials.



NEOGARD® would like to thank our customers and employees for a wonderful year as 2014 comes to a close. We wish all of you a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year. 

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